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Lassar can have your name or company logo engraved on the knife. Please allow 1 week for this process to be completed when placing your order. Prices etc are in the product section of the site.

The Ceramic Advantage

Lassar Ceramic Knives are made of Zirconia - the second hardest material after diamonds and four times harder than stainless steel. Zirconia is also used in the space and aeronautic industries.The result is a razor sharp blade, that easily retains its original sharpness more than 10 times longer than steel. This alleviates the tedious task of putting the edge back on a knife on a regular basis as you have to do with steel knives.  At half the weight of a steel knife combined with its razor sharp edge , the ceramic knife causes less fatigue during repetitive cutting tasks. Ceramic does not rust and is more hygienic and easier to clean.

Another advantage of ceramic knives is that there is no metal contamination when cutting foods. Steel knives leave metal ions which increase the "browning" of foods like lettuce , apple's etc. The ceramic is non porous so when cleaned properly there will be no food residue which prevents cross contamination when dealing with allergies.


Ceramic knives are used for slicing fruit, vegetables, boneless meat, sushi and all types of delicate foodstuffs. Doctors recommend that you eat some raw fruit and vegetables everyday.  The preparation of raw foods is much easier with a ceramic knife.  Also cuts breads with ease due to the incredible sharpness.

Ideal for fish filleting. Great for bait preparation for the fisherman and as Ceramic knives do not rust.



We are so sure you will be amazed by the cutting action of your Lassar Professional Ceramic Knife that we will give you a 7 day money back guarantee!

Lassar will guarantee your knife for 3 years against manufacture defects .LASSAR will  pay the return courier cost if your knife needs sharpening during the guarantee period. We also do complete knife refurbishment including handles, to return knives to new condition.




NB LASSAR is the only company in South Africa that can sharpen ceramic knives.

See the FAQ page for more detail about gaurantee's.


Knife orders are delivered to your door by courier. NB The delivery methods and times may be changed depending on circumstances beyond our control - strikes etc etc. 


Please refer to the FAQ page for more information about Lassar  Ceramic Knives. Lassar also uses its facebook page to post updates and pictures on new information about ceramic knives. Click on the link on this page.